This is the start of something new for me.

How I got here is weird.. do you believe in destiny? I don’t. But every now and then things happen and you wonder how did I get here? What caused me to take certain paths or want to get to know someone in particular or visit someplace or why certain concepts interested you more than the others?

I am an average 20 something year old college kid. What makes me happy is knowing that when I have graduated, I’ll have enough money to buy things I want.

Now, there isn’t much that I want. Materialistic things do hold a little value in my life but not bigger than experiences. I want experiences! Lots and lots of them!! Experience of falling from the sky and feeling like a bird( just ignore that there is some random man attached to you and if anything happens to your parachute you may die). Experience of exploring what lays beneath the Land. Experience of eating some of the weirdest yet surprising foods in different parts of the world. These experiences can be bought of course.

But what about the experiences that only time can buy? Like doing horribly at school and lying to your parents, dying at 3 am in a club due to some poor alcohol tolerance judgement but waking up the next day and laughing at how hungover you are? Not to forget, having your first heartbreak and the first feeling of wanting to do something with your life.

I won’t call my problems stupid or small but the more I step into the adult life the more I realise that in hindsight they actually made me who I am. I remember when I first fell in love, I enjoyed every moment of it. It was wonderful having someone to share experiences with. To want to wake up and see their message. Or just saying everything without saying anything at all. Those comfortable silences, inside jokes and that familiarity with each other.

I also remember when he left and how with him I lost myself. The thing that got to me was how was this joke of a man controlling so much of who I was without even knowing? It’s an experience. One that constantly reminds me that people come and go from your life and with them they take a part of you and leave you with a sense of self awareness that no monetary experience can give you.

Now coming back to destiny. I don’t know why I chose him or why he chose me. I have no idea why out of all TV shows I could be watching, I am here blogging. I came on here because I googled how to make money and some website said that blogging is an excellent way of getting rich.. and that’s why I am here. But I feel like this is more for me than money now. Writing has forced me to think. To express.

And that’s what “googled” would be about because contrary to popular belief, the world outside the search bar needs to be found by you through your experiences.


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